Thursday, March 6, 2008

PCB Part 2 (Printing)

Now that you have become familiarize with your PCB software, it time to learn about printing.

Before you print your foil pattern, let me tell you a little about the transfer method. You can use the toner transfer method or UV method. Since the toner transfer method is explained below, i will in detail tell you about the UV method.

Toner Transfer
The toner transfer method is done by using Inket Photo quality glossy paper.This method has been well illustrated by my good friend Basir (9W2BSR) and you can download his step by step guide on the toner transfer method. Reminder do not mirror the foil pattern.

I do my printing on tracing paper, the one used for plan printing. Or you could print on transparencies, which will result in faster transfer time. Set your Diptrace to mirror text only. Print the foil pattern only, selecting bottom layer from the print preview option. DO NOT MIRROR PCB FOIL PATTERN!

Or you can use Inkjet printer with transparency.

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