Sunday, May 25, 2008

Soldering Lead Dispenser

Scrolling UPDATE

Download template here.

Went to a shop that frames pictures at Jalan TAR and Jalan Ipoh, and got this cardboard sheet from there. One sheet was for RM$16 for 8' x 4' size. Had it cut into 4' x 4' size as shown on the left. And it would not fit in my car. Had to carry it back all the way to my saltmine in The Mall. Then got my xyl to come to my saltmine with the other jelopy to take it home.

Bought this brass rod long time ago to make an quarter wave antenna but never got around to doing it. The rod is 3mm thick and about 1 meter long.

I did a template of the dispenser in Gimp. Actually i am using a different template than the one shown. :)

Using the template i cut the baord about 1cm larger than the template size. Cut two pieces one for each side one smaller piece for the base and one narrower piece for the back. You will understand everything soon enough.

If you make you own template, cater for the board thickness. If you can cut the board at 45 degrees angle that would be the best. My new template already caters for the board thickness so you don't have to cut 1cm extra.

Get 6 nuts, the hole must be big enough for the brass rod to comfortably fit through it.

Then cut as shown. For this i wish i had a Dremel with the cutting blade. But it didn't take long with a hacksaw. I placed the nut in a vice vertically and cut 1 off the 6 sides off.

Make hole where the black dot is and then place the template on the board and using a marker mark dot. Make sure template is aligned. For the other board turn the template around.

Draw lines away from the dot you marked earlier at 90 degrees. I used an ell. Then align the nut's straight side to the left. The dot must be visible through the nuts hole. Remember to mirror the nuts on the other board. I used crazy glue to hold the nuts in place.

The project is now taking shape. Again using crazy glue. Need to hold parts in place with some pressure for about 15 seconds or so. Then leave overnight to dry completely.

I got some styrofoam and stuffed it into the hole of each spool. Then cut of the excess and used a screw to make a hole somewhat in the center of it. The screw was short, (man i hate short screws) :) so i drove the screw on the other side. This is so that the brass rod can be inserted in with ease and does not expand the hole. Man this is beginning to sound vulgar. Cut brass rod to size measuring each of the 3 spool position individually. It may look same but may be off by 1 or 2 mm depending on your board.

The completed product on the right. Can be used as shown on the left. But i had other ideas. You can make it shorter with less spacing between spools. My spacing is based on the biggest spool size and my stubby fingers. So i have enough space to remove the spool should i need to.

This is how i decided to use it. Was thinking of removing the soldering iron holder and mounting it to the side of the box but decided against it. Fire dept. did not approve that idea. :)

73's happy homebrewing, 9w2gu going QRT.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Toy

After collecting some spare cash, ran down to Pasar Road on Wednesday and got meself a Hakko Presto. The only model they had was the one with the cover. The one without the cover might have been cheaper. Also got Kester 0.5mm soldering lead. Total spend RM100.00. Far much less than what Uncle Chow (9M2CF) spent last week. ;-) All Prestos come with 0.5mm tip, still looks a bit big. Might change it to 0.25mm tip later. That alone is about RM35.00, but lasts a very long time.

My new Hakko Presto 20W/130W iron. Button for 130W.
Doesn't comes fitted with plug.

Kester 0.5mm 500gms.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nine Whiskey Two India Charlie Echo WEDS!

9W2ICE (Arshad) aka BOB has finally tied the knot. My warmest wishes love goes out to both MR and MRS BOB. Live long happy and prosperous.

Sorry dear, you no longer a YL dear.

After the nikah ceremony.

9W2ICE at his Henna ceremony.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Practicing Morse

Go to this site and build the circuit, program it, hook it up to your keyer and start sending CW.

Or download the schematics and PCB from here.