Sunday, March 15, 2009

MU 1 - Liverpool 4

Last nights Liverpool's victory against the arrogant MU was fanstastic. Though i miss the first half, due to work, the second half was very good. Should have been 1 - 5, if Gerrard had scored a sitter, but he balloned it! Now Liverpool didn't just beat MU, we trashed them. Fewer back passes and more counter attack, more like Liverpool in the 70'. Kudos to the team.


slt said...

the last 9 game for Liverpool:
W Villa
W Fulham
W Blackburn
W Arsenal
L Hull City
W Newcastle
D West Ham
D West Bromwish
W Tottenham
Liverpool 20Pts + 61Pts = 81Pts

Anonymous said...

Lets see if your prediction is true..