Thursday, April 9, 2009

My PicKit2

This is my OEM PicKIT2 i got. USB cable not shown.

Found a small container. Shaved of holes for usb and ribbon cable.

This is my 40 pin ZIF with RJ 45 as a ICSP socket.

if (PIC with <= 20 pins)
{ switch to down position;
place PIC in pin 11 on ZIF; }
{ place PIC in pin 1 on ZIF;
switch to up position; }

The PicKIT2 comes with a button for reprogramming last program. Since i am find it easier to press the "WRITE" button on the screen i did not make an opening for that button.

Click here for my ZIF Schematics or view more @ Downloadz section on this blog.


yo said...

Hi friend. excuse the spelling but do not speak English. I will implement your database schema zif, but I do not understand is 2x5 pin connector ... If ICSP is already on the other. Greetings!

9w2gu said...

Sorry for extremely late reply, been too busy and lazy to update blog.

The 2x5 can be used as ICSP but i fine it easier to reprogram circuits with RJ12 connector. Easier to snap in and out.