Saturday, September 12, 2009

Got me a new tip.

Went to Pasar Road after a very long time. More than a year, But did not get the items i actually wanted to. Just 4 days back was searching the net for digital multimeters. Didnt have enuf moolah to get one. Anyways I finally got a finer point tip for my Hakko. Cost me only RM18. This one is 0.25mm as compared to 0.5 that comes with the iron. The older Hakko broucher show only these 2 replacement tips, the new has added 2 more. Got it from Maplin.

Next, a digital multimeter. Fluke about 550 $ Sanwa about 150 $.


cun photograph said...

for what , Sir?

9w2gu said...

For soldering electronic components.