Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MyBytes opened for business...since 2 weeks ago

The Apple retail out is now opened. Been too busy to post, been working overtime due to some complications.

Anyways, Come down to have a look at the new Macbook and Mac Mini. The NEW iMac and Magic mouse are not yet approved by SIRIM or as it is stated on Apple Malaysia's website "Pending for agency approval".

Also we have laser engraving service for engraving any non-reflective surfaces. Tried on copper and chrome surface, does not work.

But have engraved on iPod Nano, Shuffle, Nokia handphone and other engraveable materials. BTW, the max engraving area is 60cm x 60cm....

Vids of engraving process can be seen here on facebook..

For more info drop by at Tropicana City Mall, Lot G 25.

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